What is Caeconomics?

Caeconomics (cake-o-nomics) is the study of optimal decision making from the viewpoint of economic analysis under the presumption that Christianity is true while recognizing that interpretation of Christianity is inevitably done on a personal basis.

The word is formed from Christian Anarchism Economics. The reasons for this nomenclature are elaborate and will be one of the main focuses of this blog.

Allow me to demonstrate what it means in more depth.

Decision making extends directly from morality and morality from worldview. The best decision depends entirely on what is considered best. That which is considered best will be determined by that which fulfills the decision maker’s moral criteria and the decision maker’s moral criteria will be determined by the decision maker’s worldview.

Christianity is one such worldview. For a myriad of reasons which this blog will make a priority to discuss, I believe Christianity is the optimal and preferable worldview. Caeconomics is a two-branched science. The first branch takes the secular sciences of economics and politics and uses them to evidence the validity of Christianity. The second branch presumes the validity of Christianity and creates a decision theory for economic and political situations among others. Naturally these two are treated distinctly but they are both subsections of the singular larger science. Caeconomics interacts with economics, politics, theology, philosophy, thymology, praxeology and other sciences both by drawing assumptions from and producing assertions and conclusions relevant to those other disciplines. Certainly there is a wide amount of ground for this blog to roam around in.

One simple example of economics implying the truth of Christianity would be to look at those countries with superior economies and observe the prevalence of the Christian worldview.

One simple example of a decision made from Christianity would be the pro-traditional marriage political stance. This can be arrived at through economic analysis by defining economic utility as an objective quantity rather than a subjective quantity. We can then maximize utility in theory a priori and determine the optimal market flow without having to observe it. This objective utility methodology is of extreme importance in caeconomics and has two major and interesting implications among many others. Objective utility implies both intrinsic value and market outcome potential superior to a simple free market. The details of creating such an objective utility metric and how to calculate it will be the subject of many articles here.

A Caeconomic proof of interpretation, one of the ultimate goals of Caeconomics, would be completed when the two branches mutually verify a concept. If pro-marriage both satisfies Christian theology and provides superior to free market outcomes in reality, then we have demonstrated a correct interpretation of Christianity as being pro-marriage under the Caeconomic assumptions. I will develop this method of proof and clarify its purpose further in later posts.

In conclusion I will create a simple diagram on the train of thought Caeconomics results from:

decision theory->economics->free market economics->anarchism->Christian anarchism


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