Societal Evolution From a Free Market Perspective

Many economists, myself included, believe that a free market optimizes societal growth. As I argue in one of my older YouTube videos I believe this to be more than simply a financial or economic growth, I believe it is a moral optimization process as well. Go ahead and skip toward 10:48:

So the idea is that market efficiency optimization principles applies to worldviews. Proper worldview will eventually self-surface in a free market with free exchange of ideas due to the raw power of the efficiency gained by using good information. Similarly, free markets will eventually self-surface over top-down control markets simply due to the efficient power of free markets. In fact I do not believe the original ancient man lived in a free market as some economic historians do. I believe the first family was the ultimate command economy and we have been tending towards freer markets ever since, but that is a very different blog article.

The point is that according to my theories free markets are inevitable. I do not fret about protecting the free market because I realize how powerful free markets are – they don’t need our protection! I see the work I do toward the realization of the free market now as a time saving device, not some sort of moral work. I am just helping the inevitable get here a little quicker.

Optimization of information and worldview effects more than economics. It also affects politics. Where economics is the study of how society allocates finite resources, politics is the study of how society allocates decision making power. The two are intricately linked in two ways. First, the decisions made in either realm influence those made in the other realm. Secondly, and this is the topic at hand, both groups of decisions are based on common decision making process inputs. The common input is information and worldview. In fact, worldview and information available drive all of our personal decisions. Politics and economics are only aggregates of our personal decisions. In fact I could easily argue that economic and politics are simply different perspectives of the same system, but that is, again, another blog article.

Given my theory that:
1) Free markets self rise due to efficiency
2) Politics is subject to free market principles

It follows that:
1) A free market political system will self rise
2) That political system will be worldview-optimized

I would now like to introduce four concepts of this future society. Their names are Ancapistan, Christiana and the Unknown World. Ancapistan has been written about extensively and it represents a libertarian pipe dream where anyone is free to do anything. Ancapistan (from Anarcho-Capitalism + stan) is truly anarchic. Some versions of Ancapistan assume a constant culture with libertarian principles accepted by everyone, something bordering on a libertarian theonomy. Libertopia is the free market libertarian pipedream where a minarchic government still exists.

Christiana would be a Christian theonomy or theocracy. Why should we consider Christiana? Because I believe Christianity is the one accurate worldview and therefore I believe after a true free market self rises then Christianity would later self-spread across the whole market. If that is true, however, why not skip the free market step and head straight for the later inevitability, saving even more time? Christiana is something similar to what religious people and the bible call the New Jerusalem or Zion, however I wanted to call it Christiana so that people would know that it is my prediction of society from the political-economic trends and principles I see, rather than what I predict based on my theological interpretation, which is what I would call Zion, New Zion, New Jerusalem, New Israel or what have you. For all I know they are the same place, but they might be very different too.

The last place is the Unknown World. Basically this is the world we see coming if we have no idea what is going to happen and presume that my theories do not hold and in fact no theories hold. This is the worst-case-scenario world and possibly the best-case-scenario world. We will analyze this case to prepare our action for reforming society based on the principle which I have formulated over time, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Given this background information I will create a later post sometime which will detail how I see these places possibly developing and how we can aid the development of them. One person already sees Ancapistan in a stateless form.


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