Free Information Necessary for Free Markets

Julian Assange
Julian Assange (Photo credit: acidpolly)

The Cornerstone is Free Information and the Fact that the US is Opposed to it.

Snowden, Manning and Assange are all tied to the much-maligned Wikileaks. What does Wikileaks do? It provides an outlet for the free flow of information. The ignorant facets of society point out that free flow of information might endanger the US’s political or military power. The leaks might endanger political power by revealing that the US is misleading allied countries or its own nationals. In fact the leaks have revealed both kinds of information. This causes the nationals and allied countries to trust the federal government less. This is good.

If free and accurate information threatens the US, or any other country, there is a problem with that country, not with freedom of information.

Another benefit of free flow of information is not to correct misinformation, but rather, to fill a lack of information. Whether intentionally withheld or not, there are cases where an American citizen or a foreign entity does not have access to information it needs to execute an optimal choice. When that information flows freely the market is better off. The counter-argument is that we do not want the market, which consists of the federal government, the American citizens, and the foreigners, to be better off. Rather, we want only the federal government’s interest to be furthered, because, after all, they know better. This is the ignorance and immorality of elitism and centralization at its finest. While it is true that information can be manipulated to benefit the federal government at greater-than-free-market levels, this is not desirable as both our current federal government and the trend of all governments in general has been shown to act illegitimately, that is, for purposes other than its legitimate role.

Free information is not optional for a free market, it is a necessary ingredient.

Caeconomics is decision theory based on economics through a Christian and anarchist lens. Free and accurate information is necessary to produce efficient outcomes as per many different schools of Free Market Economics including but not limited to Anarcho-Capitalism. Free and accurate information is also necessary to achieve a morally preferable state as per Christianity.


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