Can an Anarchic Nation Exist?

Yes, an anarchic nation can exist. This article will cover that question which is often asked by skeptics of anarchism and will also cover some exciting news about one such up-and-coming community according to Edan Yago, an odd name belonging to a phenomenal gentleman.

The fist line of evidence that an anarchic state can exist is found in the observation of the fact that they already do. A Wikipedia article, “List of anarchist communities,” documents over 40 known anarchist communities of various stripes. Some have failed over time and many survive. One such community, called Whiteway Colony, was founded in 1898, making it far older than many modern recognized countries with central governance.

Second there is the argument in theory, although it matters less since the point has been proven. An anarchy is a society without centralized human governance. It has also been commonly defined as a society in which there is no monopoly on the use of force. A nation is a large body of people with a common bond, usually geographic or ethnic, but sometimes otherwise. Is there an inherent preclusion of either anarchism or nationhood by the other? No, and therefore it stands to reason that the two qualities could possibly coexist with regard to a particular thing.

Lastly, take a look at Edan Yago’s video in which he goes over plans for a cutting-edge society that is literally in the works as we speak. In partnership with a presently internationally recognized, but also unspecified, central government, Edan and his peers are planning a society which will work through competitive social contract governance and operate using bitcoin as a national currency. While this is not the purest form of anarchy, competitive social contracts are an unprecedented leap in the right direction.

After having watched this video you may also take further interest in a concept called seasteading, which is another recently developed potential route to anarchic society.

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