Huemer v Plantiga

This article mentions my confusion on the distinction between Huemer’s phenomenal conservatism and the notion of properly basic beliefs, largely from Plantiga, and often referenced by William Lane Craig. There is a small circle of respected thinkers among my educated libertarian atheist friends. Few are still buying what Rand and Rothbard sold, but many of … Read more Huemer v Plantiga

Futureproof Christianity

Years ago I improved on Pascal’s Wager with the Vandivierian Wager. An article on it is here and a video on it is here. This article reinforces that argument in two ways. First, I specifically reinforce the defense against future religions. Second, I link to two short, related videos. The first video just came out … Read more Futureproof Christianity

Defending Iterative Christianity

There are two goals within the Church: To produce the highest quality Christians In terms of theological and practical perfection (sanctification / holiness) To produce the highest quantity of Christians That is, to bring as many people to salvation as possible. This involves defining a minimal definition of Christianity, which Lewis does in a standard … Read more Defending Iterative Christianity

More on Miracles

This article reviews two articles I recently encountered related to miracles: 74% Of Doctors Believe In Miracles, 55% Have Seen Them From a fellow atheist: How unlikely would an event have to be for you to consider it divine providence? From the first article: The poll also indicated that American physicians are surprisingly religious, with … Read more More on Miracles

Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

This article makes what I consider to be the obvious argument for what economists should do. As all people should, economists should do what is good. Peculiar to economists is the tool set of economic analysis. I propose that a good economist makes use of the analytical tools of economics to achieve good things. I … Read more Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

Evidence and Arguments for God pt. 1

Over time I will put several arguments in here, but here are a few. Some of these are intended as proofs, some are intended as circumstantial or partial evidence for God, and some are intended as attacks on competitive ideas. Some may be arguments or evidence for or against a particular God, while others may … Read more Evidence and Arguments for God pt. 1