A Review of Subjectivism and Economics

In preparation for an article arguing in favor of objective value, this article goes over comparative views on subjective value among economists. Basically, all economists recognize subjective value, but to different extents and with subtly different meaning. I claim that Austrians emphasize subjective value in a decidedly more extreme way compared to other schools. I … Read more A Review of Subjectivism and Economics

Evaluating Human Life

This article covers a technique to value human life. Putting a financial value on human life can be a controversial thing for many moral reasons, but in reality there are a number of ways to measure it. Perhaps surprisingly, these techniques are already used in policy evaluation and other areas. In some industries there is … Read more Evaluating Human Life

Duplication in Degreed

This article is on a weakness I noticed with Degreed, an organization and service which evaluates education from nontraditional sources. Duplication of credit for a particular material is a problem in Degreed. For example, the way I encountered this error was through Degreed’s integration with Khan Academy. I have an account with Khan Academy which … Read more Duplication in Degreed

1 Thing That Will Explode Bitcoin Adoption

This recent article from Wamda laid out 5 things that bitcoin needs in order to grow adoption in emerging markets. I disagree with most of what was written. In this article I will show why those 5 issues have already been resolved. Finally, I will reveal the only 1 thing that I see bitcoin needing … Read more 1 Thing That Will Explode Bitcoin Adoption

Arguing for Intrinsic, Objective Value and Moral Markets

This post will argue for intrinsic and objective value, but that is not to say that I don’t acknowledge subjective value. Both exist, but objective or intrinsic value is the superior choice for market morality and efficiency. This discussion grew out of a forum discussion on bitcointalk a while back. When a person takes an action, … Read more Arguing for Intrinsic, Objective Value and Moral Markets

What Does the Bible Say About Competition?

Competition is a key economic concept. As we study Caeconomics, which is decision theory from the economic point of view, presuming that Christianity is true, but realizing that every person must interpret Christianity on a personal level, let’s see what the Bible has to say about competition. From the following site: http://www.openbible.info/topics/competition, I selected 5 verses … Read more What Does the Bible Say About Competition?

The Coming Litecoin Explosion

Computer World and Ars Technica both recently ran stories based on a recent Mt Gox official statement. The statement was regarding a series of DDoS attacks which Mt Gox has been undergoing as of late. The statement significantly acknowledged that Mt Gox had been planning to support litecoin trade and such plans had been postponed … Read more The Coming Litecoin Explosion

“Economic Experts” Still Have No Clue About Bitcoin

This article covers a poll of mainstream “economic experts,” about half Keynesian and half Chicago school or monetarist. No notable Austrians were surveyed. The poll was a statement and the respondents agreed or disagreed. The statement was, “A bitcoin’s value derives solely from the belief that others will want to use it for trade, which … Read more “Economic Experts” Still Have No Clue About Bitcoin

Social Capital and Current Scoring Methods

Social Capital is an integral part of economics, but is poorly understood. It holds that social relationships have productive and economic value – something we have all known since childhood when our parents fed, clothed and taught us. However, calculating that value is exceptionally difficult. I will outline some of the current scoring systems and … Read more Social Capital and Current Scoring Methods