Shades of Unschooling

Meet the unschoolers is a nice introduction to unschooling. It clarifies that unschoolers may be homeschooled or may attend another school at the same time. It introduces the distinction between unschooling and radical unschooling. It helps us understand why unschooling is mostly cool but not all cool. With traditional formal education in the US, “Most … Read more Shades of Unschooling

Defining Self-Directed Learning and Unschooling

When considering alternative modes of education, self-directed learning and unschooling are two buzz words. I briefly talked with Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight and others to pin down what this means. Section 1 contains a summarized transcript and section 2 adds some thoughts. Section 1. Summarized Transcript John: Why do true believers in self-directed learning not abandon … Read more Defining Self-Directed Learning and Unschooling