5 Reasons Markets Are More About Coordination Than Competition

This article gives 5 reasons that markets are better described as systems of social coordination instead of systems of competition. Monopoly markets exist. If there’s a monopoly there isn’t any competition. Some may argue that monopolistic markets are inefficient but that isn’t always true. Granted, it’s far easier for these markets to break down but … Read more

1 Thing That Will Explode Bitcoin Adoption

This recent article from Wamda laid out 5 things that bitcoin needs in order to grow adoption in emerging markets. I disagree with most of what was written. In this article I will show why those 5 issues have already been resolved. Finally, I will reveal the only 1 thing that I see bitcoin needing … Read more

4 Recommended Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Today, April 10, the price for a Bitcoin fluctuated big time. Some people are whining about how Bitcoin must suck after all. These people are not smart. The smart people are excited, asking, “How can I load up on this amazing and undervalued asset NOW?” Allow me to present my recommended ways to buy and … Read more