The State of Diversity in US Tech

The US leads the world in gender diversity among professional software engineers. Source, Stack Overflow developer surveys 2011-2021, with emphasis on the most recent year of data. While software development is not particularly diverse, it is not among the least diverse industries and adjacent job families in the broader tech ecosystem are among the most … Read more

Kicking off a job search as a coding career switcher

I previously provided a custom curriculum that helps people learn to code here. Assuming you have already learned to code, this article discusses how to engage the job search. I don’t go over interviewing techniques, just techniques to land interviews. I’m a self-taught developer and a career switcher. Switching careers wasn’t easy, but I was … Read more

An 8 Week Coding Curriculum

This article outlines a curriculum that can be used by a senior programmer to mentor and train a learner from scratch. This curriculum is heavily applied with a focus on web development. As of 2020, I recommend learning React for reasons outlined here. I recommend learning SQL over NoSQL for employability reasons. I recommend following … Read more

Tim Ferris Manages Up on Remote Work

As a software developer, it’s super weird that I have to manage and train my organizational superiors. It’s a notion that economists and business thinkers in academia generally rule out before the analysis, but it’s a real thing. Software development firms are sometimes spoken of as flat organizations, but in fact many teams are genuinely … Read more