School Choice and Zero Tolerance

Tyack and Cuban state that the only constant in education is reform. They make this simple argument a little more sophisticated by noting that not all reforms are the same. Some are adopted quickly and others are adopted more slowly. Some last a short while and others last longer. Some reforms are themselves reformed and … Read more School Choice and Zero Tolerance

Duplication in Degreed

This article is on a weakness I noticed with Degreed, an organization and service which evaluates education from nontraditional sources. Duplication of credit for a particular material is a problem in Degreed. For example, the way I encountered this error was through Degreed’s integration with Khan Academy. I have an account with Khan Academy which … Read more Duplication in Degreed

Social Capital and Current Scoring Methods

Social Capital is an integral part of economics, but is poorly understood. It holds that social relationships have productive and economic value – something we have all known since childhood when our parents fed, clothed and taught us. However, calculating that value is exceptionally difficult. I will outline some of the current scoring systems and … Read more Social Capital and Current Scoring Methods