Obama: Murderer of 90,000 Babies

A USA Today article printed in the June 19, 2013 newspaper was entitled “House OKs Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks.” You can also read online sources here and here among others. This house is Republican and largely conservative. They are pro-life and they represent most of the people in the US. The article … Read more

Steve Lonegan – Defining Conservatism With The New Jersey Conservative!

Tldr – Steve Lonegan demonstrates what constitutes a proper conservative. Hardcore Christian Conservative superstar talk show host Bryan Fischer interviewed a contender for a New Jersey Senate race named Steve Lonegan on Friday 6//7/2013. Clip below from the show Focal Point on AFR Talk: Bryan is known as a hardcore conservative and he hails Lonegan … Read more

On Immigration

The following is the text of my latest academic paper. It’s on the topic of immigration with a special focus on illegal immigration as a social and political issue. Immigration is a long standing issue in the United States. Over time many beliefs have been formed, held, changed, and withdrawn on the subject. In this … Read more