1 Essential Aspect of Budgeting

This article covers one essential aspect of an efficient budget. “A Clean Slate” An efficient budget needs to start with a clean slate. This can be done through an inventory wipe or through discount accounting. A clean slate means that you adjust your budget to account for what you already have on hand. Let me … Read more

5 Ways to Save Money Through Logistical Cost Reduction

This article will be about 5 ways to save money. Is the lease on your apartment up soon? Are you considering buying a vehicle? These and other topics will be dealt with here because good decisions in these areas will all help to reduce something called your logistical expenditure, which is a fancy way of … Read more

5 Lessons From Dave Ramsey

Yesterday I finished reading “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money” and a few days before that I read his well known “The Total Money Make Over.” This post is about 5 helpful lessons I found in those books. First of all the books were very common sense. Dave did not come across as revolutionary or … Read more