Continuing Trends in Religion

Pew continues to do good research on religious growth trends. The indication is that Islam is growing and will continue to grow rapidly through 2060, although it is not expected to overtake Christianity in terms of world population share. You may have heard that eastern religion, such as Buddhism, and the religiously unaffiliated are on … Read more Continuing Trends in Religion

American Spectator: The Pope They’ve Been Waiting For

[From John: As students of the role of morality and worldview in the process of making decisions, it is important to keep tabs on important events in the world of religious thought. The new Pope Francis is a remarkable change in direction for the Roman Catholic church. His change seems to be clearly toward the … Read more American Spectator: The Pope They’ve Been Waiting For

5 Eschatological Points to Consider

Because I make friends with people who like to talk about religion and such, I often get to hear about really terrible eschatological theories. This article will cover 5 points which I think should be considered while talking about how the end of days will occur from the Christian viewpoint. I am certainly not a Bible … Read more 5 Eschatological Points to Consider