Announcing Ladderly, Patreon, and More!

I recently created Ladderly, which is a career accelerator and coding bootcamp alternative. Individuals looking for their first job in tech, or experienced programmers looking to level up can leverage this site. The site currently has three components, although more may be added later: A community or social network, currently implemented as a Discord server. … Read more

Explanations from Rapid Change in Science

In the video below, beginning at the 4-minute mark, Bret and Heather bring up the story of Dry Falls. This is an interesting story that demonstrates the way explanations from rapid change are viewed in the academy and in science. The story of Dry Falls bodes well for Bret and Heather in the context of … Read more

Should gender be distinguished from sex in science?

Should gender be distinguished from sex? Yes, it is scientifically needed. Yes, it is particularly useful in regards to social sciences including psychology, sociology, economics, and political science. As a researcher and economist, I often conduct surveys where I ask people about their gender. I have no way to verify the chromosomes of these people … Read more

Preparing to Submit an Economic History Paper

I’m now drafting an economic history paper, so in this article I will publicly repeat the process of finding 5-10 suitable journals and some model papers, but in this case with respect to economic history papers. I recently had a paper rejected from Applied Economics, rank 126 as of the prior article, now rank 124. … Read more

Selecting Model Papers

I recently discussed preparing to submit my first academic paper. In this article I outline an additional step, which is to select a model paper from each journal. With a model paper in hand, I will write a specific version of the paper to submit to that journal. I will write a short version and … Read more

Semantics of Higher Education Appropriations

Caplan’s forthcoming The Case Against Education is a great read. It validates the signaling model applied to traditional education. It makes the case for lower federal spending on formal education as well as reduced private consumption of traditional formal higher education, such as a 4 year degree. I love the book, although I am bugged … Read more

Skills in Overcoming Uncertainty

This article outlines some skills in overcoming uncertainty. It’s heavily biased toward software engineering. I also talk about environmental variables which help overcome uncertainty and risk in software development. Tldr: Skills include the ability to research, the ability to trial and error, and the practice of regularly learning, each of which have generic and project-specific … Read more

Identifying Key Papers in the Economics of Education

This article documents how I went about identifying key papers as a starting point in researching the economics of education. Organization: Motivation Approach Results Motivation First, let me give some motivation and background. I’m in the early stages of dissertation writing and my primary interest is in the economics of education. In particular, I am … Read more

Zotero Reference Manager is Cool

Zotero is a reference manager which is a helpful tool during a literature research. This article describes why it’s cool. Reasons it’s cool: It’s a free and highly rated unobtrusive browser add-in that’s been around for a while and is bug free. Some journals won’t show you how to cite a paper in various ways … Read more