No Rothbardians by Their Fruit

Those who read my blog will know that I am a fan of the Austrian school, with a variety of caveats including a preference for Hayek over Rothbard and a distaste for their distaste of empirical, microeconomic, experimental, and applied work. In two sections, this article covers some things I have recently learned about the … Read more

More Awesome Black Thinkers and Some Thoughts on Leadership

Last year, I discussed The 5-Link Chain of Great Black Thinkers, and I am pleased to have mentioned the late Dr. Williams before his unfortunate passing in December. This article adds to the list. Keep in mind that these thinkers are individuals I specifically place in the liberty-minded and/or small-c conservative tradition, so the growing … Read more

What is Racism?

While posting a picture from the grocery store of separate packs of white and brown eggs for sale, I joked with a hint of genuine curiosity, “I wonder if racism enters into egg purchases.” A foreign friend commented with the question, “What is the definition of a racist person?” A conversation broke out which appears … Read more

The 5-Link Chain of Great Black Thinkers

Today is Juneteenth, and we are in the midst of both a pandemic and a movement for social justice. Black lives matter, so how can we empower our black brothers and sisters, as well as other minorities? If we are convinced that conservatism is true, which I am, then we should look to conservative Great … Read more

Patience Over Race

While much of the news over how to improve society today revolves around such topics a supposed need to reduce white privilege, a study published just today has found that a person’s ability to delay instant gratification is a more important determinant of higher income than variables like height, age and ethnicity. This is a … Read more

Left Wing Trends Fuel Criticism

This article continues noting the characteristics of the Democratic Party by taking a look at several recent news stories relevant to the issue: #Ebola Nurse Complaining About Quarantine is Left-Wing Democrat, CDC Employee WITH UPDATE The nurse complaining about being quarantined because of the risk of spreading Ebola is a left wing Democrat. This is … Read more

Rush Limbaugh, Others Say Hillary Clinton, Democrats Use Racism, Voter Fraud

I have written on racism in the democratic party and voter fraud in US elections before. Now Limbaugh is backing me up. This article criticizes Limbaugh for accusing Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democratic party of using racism and voter fraud to help win elections. Rush says opposition to voter ID laws is … Read more