Income Inequality and Poverty

Quote 1: “We have tentatively suggested that steep progressive taxation, by reducing the rate of wealth accumulation, has yet prevented the large fortunes to recover fully from these shock.” Income Inequality in the United States. Piketty and Saez. In my reading of this article, Piketty seems to do a great job of demonstrating the fact … Read more Income Inequality and Poverty

A Short Recommendation and Defense of Homeschooling

The case for homeschooling is simple: It produces superior results compared to public or even private schooling in virtually every statistically normalized study ever done. Here’s one comprehensive study. It achieves those results for a tiny sliver of the cost. Technology has advanced to the point that anyone can homeschool. Anyone. It encourages personal responsibility … Read more A Short Recommendation and Defense of Homeschooling

European Idea of Poverty is Wrong

Here’s a video that tries to define poverty: As you can see the definition is shaky at best. If poverty means not being able to pay rent or see a doctor when you should then even myself and most of America can be considered impoverished! Then they talk about extreme poverty. Where is the line … Read more European Idea of Poverty is Wrong