On Work-Derived Open Source Code

I am active on StackOverflow and other Stack Exchange sites. I don’t usually post my questions and answers redundantly on afterecon.com, but I think this is a useful exception. See this answer from a Stack Exchange site called The Workplace. It addresses whether it’s permissible to use work experience and even concrete code from work … Read more

Business Consulting: Marginless Business Strategy

Marginal costs are a major component of business costs. This article will address specific techniques and technologies which can be used to eliminate marginal costs for businesses. Collectively, these points create a business strategy which I am a huge fan of which is a minimal margin business strategy. These techniques alone won’t do the trick, … Read more

Why You Should Reference Wikipedia

This article will discuss reasons to reference Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia is a great resource with a mixed reputation. It is lauded as an introductory or quick reference, but despised as an academic one. The reason is simply that it is easily edited by just about anyone. This objection is a poor one. Wikipedia allows the use … Read more