There is Not a Government Shutdown

The government has undergone a procedure that has taken a media label which is also a misnomer. The procedure has been labeled a “government shutdown.” The media is calling an apple an orange. There is no government shutdown. In reality about 80% of government employees went to work the day after the more accurately termed slight … Read more

CryptoAnarchy Continues to Improve

CryptoAnarchy is the implementation of anarchism through cryptographic technology. Toshiba has recently invented a consumer-grade quantum cryptography network which even the NSA can’t hack. This is a major breakthrough in cryptography. Previously, the security of a network has been essentially determined by the relative strengths of the network’s computing power and the attempting hacker’s computing power. … Read more

Government Can Spy on You, but You Can’t Spy on It

So they can spy but we can’t? That’s the gist of the news coming out of the related Snowden, Manning, NSA and PRISM stories. Larry Klayman at World Net Daily reports that Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton herself is implicit in the release of government secrets, just like Manning and Snowden. Unlike Manning and Snowden, … Read more