Continuing Trends in Religion

Pew continues to do good research on religious growth trends. The indication is that Islam is growing and will continue to grow rapidly through 2060, although it is not expected to overtake Christianity in terms of world population share. You may have heard that eastern religion, such as Buddhism, and the religiously unaffiliated are on … Read more

Reza’s Just Wrong

Here’s the clip:   Reza attempts to defend Islam by attacking the negative portrayal of Muslim nations as painting with a broad brush, stereotyping, and simply being empirically incorrect. The problem is that Reza is empirically incorrect. He’s right that female circumcision, also called female genital mutiliation (FGM/C) is practiced in a couple Christian nations … Read more

Introducing Ted Shoebat, Islam and Caeconomics

This article is the third in a series of 6 on an interview I conducted with Ted Shoebat on the Taliban peace talks. This link will take you to the Table of Contents and Condensed Interview. In the video my first order of business was to sum up Ted’s credentials. As I say both in … Read more

Ted Shoebat on Taliban Peace Talks – Table of Contents and Condensed Interview

Ted Shoebat on Taliban Peace Talks is a 6-piece article series. This article is the Table of Contents of the series and also contains the condensed interview video which is referenced throughout the article series. Article series: Video Trailer and Introduction to Article Series on Taliban Peace Talks with Ted Shoebat Table of Contents and … Read more