Some Austrians Can’t Take a Win

This article points out that the value of bitcoin and cryptocurrency was explained early on solely through Austrian economics, I have used such theory to accurately predict the value of bitcoin ten years ahead of time, and yet I see Austrians like Steve Horowitz and quasi-Austrians like George Selgin arguing against crypto instead of claiming … Read more

8 Biblical Money Principles

This article summarizes some of my favorite findings from a simple Google search on biblical financial stewardship. Super basic: Do a budget. Consider project costs and plan properly. Don’t love money. Everyone knows the Bible says money is a root of all evil, but the Bible also predicts that a love of money will lead … Read more

Illiquidity and the Hot Dog Effect

This article uses an example of buying hot dogs and hot dog buns to illustrate how liquidity in a market can improve efficiency. Hot dogs and hot dog buns are often sold in incompatible quantities. This causes us to consume more or less than our ideal basket of consumption. For example, you may be able … Read more

Obama Back-Stabs the Left (Again)

The Democratic Party has stances on various issues which constitute self-harm. For example, minimum wage is supported by the Democratic Party in order to help the poor, yet it leads to increased unemployment by the poor. Another example would be abortion. Abortion is meant to free women of some burden, but in reality it causes … Read more

Historical Bitcoin Price and Prediction

This article covers a source of historical bitcoin price data and a simple prediction based on that data. One place to find historical bitcoin price data would be from quandl. With an “L,” as in “candle.” It’s a finance thing. I grabbed two data sets and performed separate regressions using Gnumeric. One set of data … Read more

1 Essential Aspect of Budgeting

This article covers one essential aspect of an efficient budget. “A Clean Slate” An efficient budget needs to start with a clean slate. This can be done through an inventory wipe or through discount accounting. A clean slate means that you adjust your budget to account for what you already have on hand. Let me … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Competition?

Competition is a key economic concept. As we study Caeconomics, which is decision theory from the economic point of view, presuming that Christianity is true, but realizing that every person must interpret Christianity on a personal level, let’s see what the Bible has to say about competition. From the following site:, I selected 5 verses … Read more

American Thinker:The Mind-Boggling Implications of a Bitcoin Economy

American Thinker – July 21, 2013 – Robert Berry Just when we thought we had seen the last great innovation of our age, something new appears.  Like the internet that came before, an obscure open-source computer protocol is poised to create and destroy whole industries and has already become a source of agita for government … Read more

Is Minimum Wage Really Still Debated?

Today I read an article from a friend of mine entitled, “Minimum Wage Increase: The Debate Continues.” I thought to myself, “what an interesting title! I didn’t realize anyone still thought the minimum wage was a defensible policy.” The article argued that the price elasticity of demand for labor is near 0 and therefore increasing … Read more

Calling Didier’s Economic Bluff

Tldr – While Didier’s talk is interesting, he fails to sufficiently defend or even describe his methodology. There is a great debate in economics about the ability to control economic systems. The Austrian, Classical and Free Market views emphasize that markets are not fully controllable. These views are opposed by Neokeynesianism which, while allowing that … Read more