Minimum Wage Arguments

I have maintained that minimum wage is bad for the economy, but there continue to be various arguments for it. This article will address a few. The Minimum Wage Was Previously Higher This argument is hilarious to me because it is in fact an argument from tradition and as such should be more akin to … Read more

Do Illegal Immigrants Take American Jobs?

I recently butchered an interview when I was asked, “Do illegal immigrants take American jobs?” My answer, which no doubt confounded my interviewer and left him with the impression that I was intellectually confused, was, “Yes and no, but usually yes.” This article is meant to defend that statement, and perhaps find a way to … Read more

Paul Krugman, and Keynesianism in General, Weaken Economies

A comment I left on a friend’s Facebook, commenting on a picture and quote he shared of Paul Krugman: [Paul Krugman] is a Keynesian. The ‘bad economic doctrine’ he is referring to is free market economics, which is good economic doctrine. Furthermore he has no room to ever say ‘we’ when talking about of the … Read more

Is Minimum Wage Really Still Debated?

Today I read an article from a friend of mine entitled, “Minimum Wage Increase: The Debate Continues.” I thought to myself, “what an interesting title! I didn’t realize anyone still thought the minimum wage was a defensible policy.” The article argued that the price elasticity of demand for labor is near 0 and therefore increasing … Read more