The Military Singularity

This article argues that a singularity-like event in the market for defense would be a watershed moment in the transformation of a mixed economy to polycentric governance. I won’t be calculating a date in the context of this article. One explanation for the existence of government is that government itself is the emergent output of … Read more

Re: U.S. Military Trains for War on 2nd Amendment

This article is my response to a video alleging that the US is training for a War on the 2nd Amendment. Here’s the video: I’m not upset about a new training ground and I’m skeptical that the sole intent of this facility is to train for an offensive civil war campaign. I’m upset that Christians … Read more

Sexual Military Reform a Problem

This article highlights the fact that reports of military sexual assault have dramatically increased recently and identifies potential reasons for this. Bryan Fischer, the radio show host of Focal Point with Bryan Fischer on American Family Radio, pointed out via social media today that a prediction he made has become true: I read the linked … Read more