A Simple Argument for Objective Value

I’m an economist. I’m studying at GMU, a university known for carrying on the Austrian tradition. While all economists recognize subjectivism, variously understood, I’ve talked about how Austrians are particularly extreme subjectivists and dubious of objective value. This article presents a simple economic argument for objective value. A recent Leeson class was typical. A discussion … Read more

Non-Market Decision Making Reading Notes Section 3.7

3.7 Family [PDF] Allen, Douglas W., and Margaret Brinig. 1998. “Sex, Property Rights, and Divorce.” European Journal of Law and Economics 5: 211-233. 2 Main Points Consent for sex may be treated as a good. Whoever has lower demand becomes a supplier and obtains some bargaining power equal to the difference. Male and female drive … Read more

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill allowing more than two legal parents

[From John: The slippery slope is not a fallacy but a matter of reality when it comes to certain issues like modifying the legal definition of marriage and parenthood. Family structure is a foundational institution in any society and the nuclear family is the optimal arrangement of that structure. Societies are also chaotic systems in … Read more

Top 3 Worst Facebook Political Equivications

Sometimes people say things during a political conversation and my brain explodes. “Does not compute does not compute…!” Then I realize, wait, the reason someone thinks, for example, that oil subsidies are a conservative idea, is because of a simple misconception. A fallacy of equivocation. Here are my top 3 political false equivocations for the … Read more

CAE Interpretive Proof – Traditional Marriage (2/2, Left-Handed Proof)

This article will argue that Traditional Marriage is an explaining factor of per capita GDP. This is an example of a left-handed proof using Traditional Marriage. A left-handed proof constitutes half of the CAE Interpretive Proof. While the right-handed proof is a philosophical or theological proof, the left-handed proof is meant as proof based on … Read more

CAE Interpretive Proof – Traditional Marriage (1/2, Right-Handed Proof)

This article will argue that Traditional Marriage is consistent with a proper interpretation of Christianity. This article introduces the issue and conducts a Right-Handed Proof. In a separate article we will conduct a Left-Handed Proof and conclude. We will do this by conducting a Right-Handed Proof, a proof based on Christian Theology, and a Left-Handed … Read more

Negative Effects of Homosexuality as Evidence for the Bible

This article posits that empirical data shows that homosexuality has a negative effect both on individuals and on their surrounding society and that such a negative effect is evidence to the validity of the Bible. The Bible has been under fire from various segments of society for a variety of reasons and one such reason … Read more