Following Academics

This article outlines the list of academic individuals and journals that I follow, along with the method of following them. Google Scholar and Academic Sequitur are my two main methods of automatically following the academy. When I follow using Google Scholar, I check all three following options: Papers from the person, papers citing the person, … Read more

Zotero Reference Manager is Cool

Zotero is a reference manager which is a helpful tool during a literature research. This article describes why it’s cool. Reasons it’s cool: It’s a free and highly rated unobtrusive browser add-in that’s been around for a while and is bug free. Some journals won’t show you how to cite a paper in various ways … Read more

Literature Review Tools: Harzing’s Publish or Perish Review

tldr: If you are conducting a literature review, citation analysis, or similar study, you need to stop using Google Scholar and use Harzing’s Publish or Perish. Google Scholar is quite literally the Google of academic writing. It’s one of the main places, perhaps the main place, to which people go when we need to search … Read more