7 Concrete Use Cases for Seasteading

Part of me fears actions based on abstract rather than concrete thinking. Seasteading has immense theoretical backing as an avenue for needed competitive governance, but where would the funding for a Seastead come from? Imho, the concern is not that there is a lack of funding from ideologically motivated libertarian types. Au contraire, I fear … Read more

The Economics of Original Intent

Utility is maximized by the intent of transaction, not by the letter of the contract of the transaction, if any such document exists. This forms an economic argument for the interpretation of contracts on original intent. Consider some contract using particular language at a certain point and time. The individuals consenting to such a contract … Read more

1 Thing That Will Explode Bitcoin Adoption

This recent article from Wamda laid out 5 things that bitcoin needs in order to grow adoption in emerging markets. I disagree with most of what was written. In this article I will show why those 5 issues have already been resolved. Finally, I will reveal the only 1 thing that I see bitcoin needing … Read more