Dogecoin: Three Bucks in Three Years

I threw some money into DOGE as an Elon-fanboying, internet-participating joke, but now I’m taking it seriously. This article is a brief fundamental analysis of why I think it will hit at least 1.50, probably closer to $3, and perhaps more, by the end of 2024. I. Better utility than XRP and LTC Litecoin has … Read more Dogecoin: Three Bucks in Three Years

First Impression of YNAB

No, this is not an April Fool’s post. This is a few of my first impressions using You Need a Budget. I don’t mind the approach it takes of budgeting actual cash on hand. I like the digital integrations with everything from Bank of America to Venmo. It appears to take a category-oriented approach, much … Read more First Impression of YNAB

Real Estate Portfolio Lending

This article defines a real estate portfolio, notes some portfolio lending resources, and discusses when using such resources might be a good or bad idea. This month I closed on my first investment property. I will actually be receiving a check, rather than paying closing costs, at closing. See more here. I will now be … Read more Real Estate Portfolio Lending

Lower Priced Houses, Part 3

This article is the third or fourth in a series. See the bottom for links to the other articles. This article discusses purchasing a foreclosed house, a 403k loan, and considerations on small, medium, and large multifamily home buying. I. Buying a Foreclosure I previously didn’t know you could finance a foreclosure. You can. You … Read more Lower Priced Houses, Part 3

Time and Debt

A savings and investment plan is an important component of a comprehensive budget. It’s not that hard to do, but there are some common mistakes some folks make. This article addresses how to form your savings and investment plan in a way that allows you optimize in an apples-to-apples way by focusing on time and … Read more Time and Debt

Historical Bitcoin Price and Prediction

This article covers a source of historical bitcoin price data and a simple prediction based on that data. One place to find historical bitcoin price data would be from quandl. With an “L,” as in “candle.” It’s a finance thing. I grabbed two data sets and performed separate regressions using Gnumeric. One set of data … Read more Historical Bitcoin Price and Prediction

Bitcoin: 10,000% ROI Over 10 Years?! Valuation, Analysis, Prediction.

Bitcoin will easily double in value by year’s end. It’s on the blog now its an official prediction. I don’t have time to go over the calculations but just look at the damn graph its pretty obvious (from I expect BTC to exceed double today’s (April 2) price ($132) by the end of the … Read more Bitcoin: 10,000% ROI Over 10 Years?! Valuation, Analysis, Prediction.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis P1

This is the release of my highly relevant initial Bitcoin technical analysis. SummaryUnder highly conservative expectations Bitcoin will maintain a value of $18 USD per Bitcoin over the next 9 months. We should see a dip in February followed by large gains for the following 8 months. Under favorable expectations Bitcoin may achieve $45 USD … Read more Bitcoin Technical Analysis P1

Trading the News and Bitcoin

In mid December I invested in Bitcoins. In the past month they have jumped from #13.3 to $14.2 each in value according to this reliable source. This is not just volatility in my view. It is part of a longer term trend. Why? That’s what this article is about. In foreign exchange, which I have … Read more Trading the News and Bitcoin

5 Lessons From Dave Ramsey

Yesterday I finished reading “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money” and a few days before that I read his well known “The Total Money Make Over.” This post is about 5 helpful lessons I found in those books. First of all the books were very common sense. Dave did not come across as revolutionary or … Read more 5 Lessons From Dave Ramsey