Arguing for Intrinsic, Objective Value and Moral Markets

This post will argue for intrinsic and objective value, but that is not to say that I don’t acknowledge subjective value. Both exist, but objective or intrinsic value is the superior choice for market morality and efficiency. This discussion grew out of a forum discussion on bitcointalk a while back. When a person takes an action, … Read more

The Coming Litecoin Explosion

Computer World and Ars Technica both recently ran stories based on a recent Mt Gox official statement. The statement was regarding a series of DDoS attacks which Mt Gox has been undergoing as of late. The statement significantly acknowledged that Mt Gox had been planning to support litecoin trade and such plans had been postponed … Read more

“Economic Experts” Still Have No Clue About Bitcoin

This article covers a poll of mainstream “economic experts,” about half Keynesian and half Chicago school or monetarist. No notable Austrians were surveyed. The poll was a statement and the respondents agreed or disagreed. The statement was, “A bitcoin’s value derives solely from the belief that others will want to use it for trade, which … Read more