Autism and Judaism

This article describes a possible link between autism and Judaism and/or the Hebrew language. I make no serious claim about this connection. Rather, I mainly note it as a curious thing and I’m jotting it down for possible future thinking and discussion. A frequent contrast in ancient thinking is between concrete and abstract language. Greeks … Read more

Real Decentralization Includes Full Denationalization

This article will argue that denationalization is a necessary component of a free market society. This is important because without the idea of citizenship the idea of a state becomes radically different from the modern state and much more like the anarcho-capitalist notion as described by David Friedman in The Machinery of Freedom and by others elsewhere. … Read more

Defining a Biblical Miracle

A Christian miracle is not the same as a Wiccan miracle, an Islamic miracle, a Buddhist miracle, or many other kinds of miracles. There are a set of specific words with distinct meanings that are translated to “miracle” and they are different words than many other languages have used in their writings which are translated … Read more