Is Umpqua Community College a Gun Free Zone?

Is Umpqua Community College really a Gun Free Zone? As a firm advocate of the right to bear arms and a strong conservative, let me make the answer crystal clear: No, Umpqua Community College is not a gun free zone. However, while the pop conservatives in the media and the interwebs are technically innacurate for … Read more

5 Arguments Against The Gun Control C.R.A.P.S.

Gun Control strategies – which I will from now on refer to as Constitutional Right to Arms Prevention Strategies (“CRAPS”) turn a safe society into a self destructive society. This article will give 5 arguments why the CRAPS are bad. 1) The CRAPS kill people. More Guns, Less Crime. The main reason given by the … Read more

Gun Hypocrisy

“Every children should be kept safe at all times,” the facebook photo caption read. I ignored the poor grammar, lured by the radical implications and immediately shared it. Hypocrite! Obama is trying to infringe our American second amendment right and yet he is pro-gun when it comes to his family! Clearly his actions with his … Read more