3 Ways to Improve Degreed

This article is about 3 ways, that are really one way, to improve the education evaluating organization and service known as Degreed. There are two large flaws in the way Degreed works, which can be seen as a single kind of flaw, and which I have at least 3 solutions for. The flaw is that … Read more

Degreed Continues the Evolution of Education

Degreed is another example of alternative education. In the past I have written about game-based learning, homeschooling and other models of education. All of these technologies increase the quality per dollar of education by leaps and strides over the status quo. Degreed operates by aggregating, validating and valuing all kinds of educational resources. Notably, Degreed supports … Read more

Why Should You Try Game-Based Learning?

[From John: Check out this reblogged article on game-based learning. Game-based learning, also called ‘gamification‘ of education, is closely related to the use of badges. I am a huge fan of badges and I see them displacing degrees and even substituting for certificates in the near future. Also, as a gamer, I realize the potential … Read more