Economic Eating

AfterEcon is all about what to after having studied economics. That is, it is all about applying economics (distinct from the study of Applied Economics). This article reviews some recent dietary changes I’ve made through that lens. When I was younger, enrolled at ACC, and working at WalMart, my diet consisted of oatmeal for breakfast … Read more Economic Eating

Defending the Benefits of Eating Local

Learn Liberty is an organization I really like. They recently put out a great short video series on Behavioral Economics featuring the Davies. They also recently put out the really awful article Most benefits of eating local are wildly exaggerated, and this is why. Prior to reading the article, here are some of the things I … Read more Defending the Benefits of Eating Local

The Future of Food is Litty McGee

This article roughly estimates a healthy cost per meal for your use in a budget, and mentions related services of interest. Food is awesome. I’m fortunate enough to have a wife that can cook, some cooking skills of my own, a living location in proximity to many good restaurants, and a budget to more or … Read more The Future of Food is Litty McGee

Water and Food for 9 Billion People in 2040

Malnutrition is defined as poor nutrition caused by insufficient, over-sufficient, or poorly balanced diet or by a medical condition (“Malnutrition”). This means that every person requires a certain amount of certain nutrients on a regular basis. Nutrients include both caloric and noncaloric nutrients such as water, vitamins, minerals and others (“Schaffer”). If a person lacks … Read more Water and Food for 9 Billion People in 2040

1 Essential Aspect of Budgeting

This article covers one essential aspect of an efficient budget. “A Clean Slate” An efficient budget needs to start with a clean slate. This can be done through an inventory wipe or through discount accounting. A clean slate means that you adjust your budget to account for what you already have on hand. Let me … Read more 1 Essential Aspect of Budgeting