Obama Back-Stabs the Left (Again)

The Democratic Party has stances on various issues which constitute self-harm. For example, minimum wage is supported by the Democratic Party in order to help the poor, yet it leads to increased unemployment by the poor. Another example would be abortion. Abortion is meant to free women of some burden, but in reality it causes … Read more

Why Redistribution Results in a Weak Economy

The problem is incentives. I work hard and make an A in class. You are lazy and make a D+. The class average is a B. The professor says, “To be fair, next test everyone will simply earn the average. It’s equal that way.”Now I expect to earn a B even if I work hard … Read more

Steve Lonegan – Defining Conservatism With The New Jersey Conservative!

Tldr – Steve Lonegan demonstrates what constitutes a proper conservative. Hardcore Christian Conservative superstar talk show host Bryan Fischer interviewed a contender for a New Jersey Senate race named Steve Lonegan on Friday 6//7/2013. Clip below from the show Focal Point on AFR Talk: Bryan is known as a hardcore conservative and he hails Lonegan … Read more