Empowering Women in Tech in 2023

A reader of my prior analysis on gender diversity and tech passed on this article about empowering women in tech in 2023. I pass it on to you, and I have some added thoughts below: +1 the importance of “Higher business results for companies with gender diversity” and I think there are many additional mechanisms … Read more

Are Stereotypes Inherently Problematic?

tldr; no Statistical discrimination is often useful. False stereotypes are problematic, but they are problematic because they are false, not because they are stereotypes. True stereotypes are useful. Below I paste a comment from a video by Epydemic2020. His video criticizes the use of the term ‘mansplaining’: “Stereotypes are inherently problematic” nah. If the stereotype … Read more

Top 3 Worst Facebook Political Equivications

Sometimes people say things during a political conversation and my brain explodes. “Does not compute does not compute…!” Then I realize, wait, the reason someone thinks, for example, that oil subsidies are a conservative idea, is because of a simple misconception. A fallacy of equivocation. Here are my top 3 political false equivocations for the … Read more