Early Thoughts on Optimal Performance Review

This article lists some thoughts on optimal hiring, firing, and performance review policy. I do like what Netflix does: At any time a report can bring an offer letter to their manager and the manager is free to modify compensation. In their words: “To help us attract and retain stunning colleagues, we pay employees at … Read more

Pamorama: 50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

[From John: This article is an amazing compilation of social media tools by Pam Dyer who runs a remarkable site. I realize it is not within the usual interest of the site to discuss things like this, but social media is increasingly important to politics and every other aspect of life and this was just to … Read more

Easy Activism

This article will cover 3 easy methods of activism. They can be used for political purposes, marketing, teaching and anything else that involves calling people to action. The 3 methods are online activism, activism through guest calling radio shows and conversation tips for personal conversations, which is sometimes called “canvassing.” Online Activism Tom Woods is … Read more

There is Not a Government Shutdown

The government has undergone a procedure that has taken a media label which is also a misnomer. The procedure has been labeled a “government shutdown.” The media is calling an apple an orange. There is no government shutdown. In reality about 80% of government employees went to work the day after the more accurately termed slight … Read more

11 Ways to Explode Online Influence

1 Write well and often. Many people will recommend 500 words per article, 5-7 days per week. You must be consistent about this to build momentum. Traffic builds along an exponential curve in my experience. Miss a few days and you get to start all over, just like hitting the gym. Writing well means understanding … Read more

Paul Krugman, and Keynesianism in General, Weaken Economies

A comment I left on a friend’s Facebook, commenting on a picture and quote he shared of Paul Krugman: [Paul Krugman] is a Keynesian. The ‘bad economic doctrine’ he is referring to is free market economics, which is good economic doctrine. Furthermore he has no room to ever say ‘we’ when talking about of the … Read more