Agile Estimation: To Repoint or Not to Repoint?

There is a minority practice in Agile Scrum sometimes called Repointing. This article describes the practice, compares it to the usual practice, and concludes by recommending that teams do not engage in Repointing. The usual Agile estimation procedure for an existing issue is as follows: Optionally create a tentative story estimate during release, multi-sprint, or … Read more

The Case for Angular, from a Hater

I am an Angular hater, although less and less so each day. This article discusses why someone like me would recommend a commercial application be written in Angular. 1. What Was the Problem? Why don’t I like Angular? I looked into it when version 2.x first came out and compared it to alternatives. I consider … Read more

Node ORM Comparison Table

  This article contains table data for a comparison of NodeJS ORMs. Data can also be viewed on this Google Doc. DB Support Generate Schema and Tables Generate API Webpack Express Performance Syntax Star-to-Issue* Normalized Star-to-Issue Extra Features Maintenence Documentation TOTAL mapper 5 0 0 3 3 8 5 35 2 0 1 5 32 … Read more

Why All Existing JS CMS Solutions are Shit

This article explains, in moderate detail, why I am starting to build an open source Node + Express + Angular CMS, called NG Express CMS. The answer is that all existing alternatives are shit, so I need to make one from scratch. 1. Contents Contents Existing Angular Solutions Why Angular CMS is shit Why Butter … Read more

Brackets > Atom

As a developer, working mainly in JS, unwilling to fork out cash, my preferred IDE is Brackets. Most people would say Atom is better. I object for the following reasons: Can’t exclude node_modules in many use cases. I shouldn’t have to restructure my application to fit my IDE. No right-click association in windows explorer, and … Read more

The Core Problem in Programming

Developers maximize productivity in the economic sense by finding an optimal balance between the quality of their product and the cost at which they produce it. Because the primary marginal cost in programming is labor, lower cost of production is very well proxied by ease of coding. Another major cost in programming is hardware, and … Read more