3 Ways Google Says Education Changing

Education is changing. I have talked much about it including the superiority of homeschooling and the replacement of degrees and certifications with badges. Turns out Google is noticing the same thing. Laszlo Bock is the Senior Vice President for People Operations at Google. That is basically Google’s Human Resources (HR) department and they make hiring … Read more

Digital Badges are the New Skill Indicators

The digital age is taking over and the old methods of education are being out competed. The old method is degrees and diplomas. More recently in the 90s and later we started getting into certificates. Now we have badges. The following video defines badges as an indicator of accomplishment, skill, ability, quality or interest. They … Read more

Economic Efficiency Found in New Models of Education

This article by Discovery News notes that a Masters Degree can be obtained from Georgia Tech in cooperation with an online educational organization called Udacity for a mere cost of $7,000. The cost is about $40,000 at Georgia Tech’s physical campus according to the article. In other news Ron Paul recently released a home-school curriculum. … Read more