In Favor of Cultural Appropriation

While working out this morning, I was attacked by white guilt. I was listening to rap. Isn’t this cultural appropriation? Yes, and that’s a good thing. Later that morning I asked a white friend if she liked rap. She said yes, but mainly white rappers. I thought, “I could imagine a white-guilt-stricken person developing this … Read more In Favor of Cultural Appropriation

Plz Appropriate Me Bro

Obviously white people, on average, obtain higher levels of income and various other measures of success in America. You can call this White Privilege and call on government intervention to solve the problem, but this is a band aid solution. It seems to me that is a cop-out for the much harder, real solution: Genuine, … Read more Plz Appropriate Me Bro

Autoacculturation and Threshold Earning

This article argues that culture affects productivity and therefore income-maximizing immigrants will engage in autoacculturation, which is considered to be a preference for native values over values from the immigrant’s homeland. In contrast, threshold earners are expected to engage a lower degree of acculturation. If true, we should expect threshold earners to be more culturally … Read more Autoacculturation and Threshold Earning

Organizations and Institutions

This article will rigorously define, compare and contrast organizations and institutions. This article is a bit long but worth the read. It is an improved version of part of a paper I wrote for a public policy class during graduate school. The paper received an A- and I am confident it would have been an … Read more Organizations and Institutions

Edgar Schein on Values

In this article I will discuss the problem of dishonesty and talk about how Edgar Schein can help address the problem. In my work I have states repeatedly that worldview drives all kinds of actions. People pursue their own interests necessarily and tautologically. Those interests are determined by worldview and context. Worldview is essentially no … Read more Edgar Schein on Values

“Do It Yourself” Libertarianism

This post is about a video interview between Matt Welch of Reason TV and Jeffrey Tucker, the executive editor of Laissez Faire Books. The focus of their discussion is initially about bitcoin, but they go much further than that. Here’s the video. At about 5 minutes, it’s not terribly long. In my opinion most of … Read more “Do It Yourself” Libertarianism

Societal Evolution From a Free Market Perspective

Many economists, myself included, believe that a free market optimizes societal growth. As I argue in one of my older YouTube videos I believe this to be more than simply a financial or economic growth, I believe it is a moral optimization process as well. Go ahead and skip toward 10:48: So the idea is … Read more Societal Evolution From a Free Market Perspective