CryptoAnarchy Continues to Improve

CryptoAnarchy is the implementation of anarchism through cryptographic technology. Toshiba has recently invented a consumer-grade quantum cryptography network which even the NSA can’t hack. This is a major breakthrough in cryptography. Previously, the security of a network has been essentially determined by the relative strengths of the network’s computing power and the attempting hacker’s computing power. … Read more

5 Routes to Anarchy

In a recent post I discussed problems with seasteading as a route to anarchy. One problem I mentioned was opportunity cost. I argued that alternative routes exist to implement anarchy. In this post I will very introduce 5 routes to anarchy including a brief list of some of the positive and negative aspects of each. … Read more

5 Problems With Seasteading

Theoretical anarchy is not enough for real-world change. The DIYL mindset calls for realism in anarchy. Seasteading has been touted as one possible route to anarchy. Seasteading fills the bill of a possible route to anarchy, but hardly an ideal one. In fact it is fraught with problems. Despite the fact that I love the idea, … Read more