Announcing Ladderly, Patreon, and More!

I recently created Ladderly, which is a career accelerator and coding bootcamp alternative. Individuals looking for their first job in tech, or experienced programmers looking to level up can leverage this site. The site currently has three components, although more may be added later: A community or social network, currently implemented as a Discord server. … Read more

A Short Discussion on Economics of Organization

This article will make a few short points on the economics of organization. I will argue that in the long run the optimal structure of organization is the individual within a network, that we are progressing towards that model but that we are also still a long distance away.¬†There will be no attempt at being … Read more

Crowdfunding Continues to Evolve

This article will discuss three ways in which crowdfunding continues to evolve. The three ways are: Continued decentralization through self-hosting crowdfunding development. Innovation through subscription crowdfunding. Numerous benefits from increased acceptance of bitcoin. We recently discussed a crowdfunding plugin for WordPress and I mentioned some of the amazing possibilities this would allow. It would allow … Read more

Self-Crowdfunding Plugin for WordPress

This article will discuss a plugin for WordPress which allows crowdfunding inside of a WordPress website. I recently published an article from USA Today which discussed the fact that the SEC is considering expedition of legalizing corporate stock sales through crowdfunding as an alternative to the IPO and other purposes. This is a major development, … Read more

USA Today: SEC moves toward allowing crowdfunding stock offerings

Source¬†– USA Today – Matt Krantz – 10/23/13 The SEC’s latest plans are sure to draw a crowd. In this case, it’s the crowd that is gathering around companies with newfangled funding schemes to help them buy stock in firms not big enough for initial public offerings. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday voted … Read more