Battleground God is Whack

Huemer refers to Battleground God as a fun philosophy game, but this game is a predictable sheep in wolf’s clothing. There is no possible way to get through the game without being chastised for believing in God. I scored in the top 95% with the result shown below, but I was still improperly chastised for ‘biting a … Read more Battleground God is Whack

Mike Licona’s Top 10 Resurrection Myths Adressed

Dr. Mike Licona is an American New Testament scholar, evangelical Christian apologist and Associate Professor in Theology at Houston Baptist University. He has a bit of a specialty in the defense of the authenticity of the resurrection of Jesus. Recently he created some very short videos which address the 10 top myths he here’s from … Read more Mike Licona’s Top 10 Resurrection Myths Adressed