Virtual Competition Solves Geographic Monopoly

This article defines virtual competition and argues that it is a mechanism to solve geographic monopoly. Virtual competition is competition conducted through exchanges of information. Financial competition, reputation, marketing, and so on are all subsets of virtual competition. Such mechanisms can lead to the displacement of an unproductive producer of physical goods, even if that … Read more

5 Reasons Markets Are More About Coordination Than Competition

This article gives 5 reasons that markets are better described as systems of social coordination instead of systems of competition. Monopoly markets exist. If there’s a monopoly there isn’t any competition. Some may argue that monopolistic markets are inefficient but that isn’t always true. Granted, it’s far easier for these markets to break down but … Read more

Voice, Exit, Leverage and Competition

This article will describe the fact that governments are tending toward decentralization and give several specific examples of how that might continue. This article will have multiple videos from major speakers on the subject. Voice, exit, leverage and competition Voice and exit refer to the ways people may express dissatisfaction with an organization. People can … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Competition?

Competition is a key economic concept. As we study Caeconomics, which is decision theory from the economic point of view, presuming that Christianity is true, but realizing that every person must interpret Christianity on a personal level, let’s see what the Bible has to say about competition. From the following site:, I selected 5 verses … Read more