The Odds of Evolution

On May 9, 2013 I did a simple Google search for “odds of evolution.” This article summarizes the top 3 results. Why? In order to support the evolutionary objection that without guidance, as in guided evolution, the odds are far against evolution. What is natural selection? What is a random mutation? Is random just a … Read more The Odds of Evolution

Defining a Biblical Miracle

A Christian miracle is not the same as a Wiccan miracle, an Islamic miracle, a Buddhist miracle, or many other kinds of miracles. There are a set of specific words with distinct meanings that are translated to “miracle” and they are different words than many other languages have used in their writings which are translated … Read more Defining a Biblical Miracle

Foreknowledge or Science?

One common atheist claim is that science and the Bible are at odds with one another. I disagree completely. However, if the atheist refuses to allow that science and religion are in fact complimentary, as Albert Einstein claimed, what they are forced to admit is even more interesting. Some of the claims of the Bible … Read more Foreknowledge or Science?

The Genesis 1:1 Apology and Mathematical Trust

“If the first verse is true the rest of the Bible is at least believable.” That is a phrase often used by Christian apologist and radio show host Frank Turek. I have worked this idea into a very robust and widely useful philosophical point in defense of the Christian faith. I think Turek was getting … Read more The Genesis 1:1 Apology and Mathematical Trust

Negative Effects of Homosexuality as Evidence for the Bible

This article posits that empirical data shows that homosexuality has a negative effect both on individuals and on their surrounding society and that such a negative effect is evidence to the validity of the Bible. The Bible has been under fire from various segments of society for a variety of reasons and one such reason … Read more Negative Effects of Homosexuality as Evidence for the Bible

5 Tenets of Christian Economics

This will be an indefinite series wherein I compile various Christian ideas including scripture, doctrine and other ideas and relate them to economics. I posit that when the Christian scripture is accurately interpreted optimal outcomes will be created, including outcomes better than what we see as the “free market” today. This economic theory will be … Read more 5 Tenets of Christian Economics

Buy Bitcoin in 5 Easy Steps

In my last post I wrote on 4 Recommended Ways to Buy and Sell Bitcoin. That post used a video discussing how to set up a Mt Gox account. However that video was dated. In fact, Youtube doesn’t have much current stuff on how to quickly set up and fund a new bitcoin account! So … Read more Buy Bitcoin in 5 Easy Steps

The Miraculous Fallacy

In the false “Science vs Religion” paradigm there is one particular fallacy which stands out among many. It says that if science can explain an event then the event is not miraculous. 1 Many miracles were claimed in the Bible as evidence for God’s existence and power. This includes walking on water, water to wine, … Read more The Miraculous Fallacy

Societal Evolution From a Free Market Perspective

Many economists, myself included, believe that a free market optimizes societal growth. As I argue in one of my older YouTube videos I believe this to be more than simply a financial or economic growth, I believe it is a moral optimization process as well. Go ahead and skip toward 10:48: So the idea is … Read more Societal Evolution From a Free Market Perspective

15 Christianese Religious Words Translated

It’s called Christianese: I feel like one large problem preventing people from understanding religious ideas is that we use religious words. I believe if we can start speaking more plain English then the Christian faith will be much more effectively understood by people both inside and outside the faith. Sometimes, as shown in the video, … Read more 15 Christianese Religious Words Translated