A Quick Look at the ECB

The European Central Bank is the bank of the Eurozone. The ECB is an interesting case study in the centralization of economy policy. Central banks in general are highly centralized structures of economic policy, but the ECB is an even stronger example of centralization because it is a single international policymaker which is substituted for … Read more

Europe Online Magazine: German Finance Ministry recognizes bitcoin as currency

Source – Europe Online Magazine – 8/17/13 [From John: This article is big news friends! The implications of any sovereign body recognizing bitcoin as a currency are huge, and the impact is even more positive when it is a major and well-reputed economic powerhouse such as Germany. Also see related articles where you will note that … Read more

American Thinker:The Mind-Boggling Implications of a Bitcoin Economy

American Thinker – July 21, 2013 – Robert Berry Just when we thought we had seen the last great innovation of our age, something new appears.  Like the internet that came before, an obscure open-source computer protocol is poised to create and destroy whole industries and has already become a source of agita for government … Read more