1 Essential Aspect of Budgeting

This article covers one essential aspect of an efficient budget. “A Clean Slate” An efficient budget needs to start with a clean slate. This can be done through an inventory wipe or through discount accounting. A clean slate means that you adjust your budget to account for what you already have on hand. Let me … Read more

Seasteading Barrier to Entry Cost Analysis

In this article we will look at barrier to entry cost for seasteading. Specifically, we will look at the cost for larger ocean vessels. I will not consider speed boats and smaller. We will begin with very large yachts and move up to cruisers. These will be vessels that people will be living on. We … Read more

5 Problems With Seasteading

Theoretical anarchy is not enough for real-world change. The DIYL mindset calls for realism in anarchy. Seasteading has been touted as one possible route to anarchy. Seasteading fills the bill of a possible route to anarchy, but hardly an ideal one. In fact it is fraught with problems. Despite the fact that I love the idea, … Read more

5 Ways to Save Money Through Logistical Cost Reduction

This article will be about 5 ways to save money. Is the lease on your apartment up soon? Are you considering buying a vehicle? These and other topics will be dealt with here because good decisions in these areas will all help to reduce something called your logistical expenditure, which is a fancy way of … Read more