This Pro-Christianity Video Just Survived r/atheism

Among the many examples of real-world miracles we can point to, I have just discovered another: A pro-Christianity YouTube video which not only survived r/atheism, but it did so while bashing Bill Nye and advocating Creationism! Here’s the video, which basically makes a transcendental argument for God from the existence of numbers. You could call … Read more

The Left-Science Complex Continues

This article discusses the fact that big science and big government are still in a negative relationship. I have written extensively on the fact that science is poorly practiced in a number of ways. Problems include the fact that science research is largely government funded which creates economic, moral and accuracy hazards and it also … Read more

Intelligent Design Skeptics Like Bill Nye and Their Objections

In a previous article I criticized the current relationship between the mainstream scientific community and Macro-evolution. In that article I also briefly mentioned that there is a viable alternative to that theory called Intelligent Design. In this article I briefly analyze Intelligent Design skepticism by describing its proponents and their leading critiques of Intelligent Design. … Read more