5 Contemplative Strategies for Emotional Self-Stimulation

I am interested in contemplative strategies in particular because these can be undertaken during meditation and may lead to an improvement in emotional control that can be leveraged for the purposes of enhanced emotional learning and enhanced performance for other activities. This article has two sections beginning with preparatory guidance and concluding with the specific … Read more

The Importance of Moral Information

This article will argue that information is heterogeneous. It will further argue that a particular kind of information is moral information and that information is a key driver of consumer and producer preference. These preferential changes can result in significant shifts of entire supply and demand curves. Let’s say you are told something. You are … Read more

Vandivier Organizational Axiom

“Larger organizations have simpler goals while smaller organizations have more diverse goals.” Or, more rigorously: “Ceteris paribus, an organization with one less goal will never have a lesser number of potential members, where a potential member is defined as someone who has an interest in common with the organization, unless the organization only has one … Read more