How To Improve Mainstream Science and the Tom Steyer Effect

This article deals with ways to improve certain weaknesses in the way mainstream science is usually practiced these days. The way mainstream science works in many fields these days lends itself to the generation and perpetuation of scientific cronyism. First I will give a thumbnail sketch of how I see it working, then I will … Read more

US Military Publicly Saying No To War With Syria

King Obama has given his orders, now let him carry them out. He has the support of no one. Not the American people, not the international community, not the politicians and not even his own armed forces. This article from Infowars points out several important ideas. If you don’t read it for the ideas, at least … Read more

Bryan Fischer: ObamaCare Threatens Homeschooling

Homeschooling takes power from the central government and gives it to the family in a very powerful way, through education. It is freedom at its finest. Homeschooling not only produces consistently better results, it does so cheaper, in a way that minimizes government, in a way that maximizes personal responsibility, in a way that strengthens … Read more

A Time of Freedom

CBS News reports that Snowden was granted temporary Russian asylum today. The Russians played their role as actors well for a time, but we all knew this was coming. The Russians still consider the US a great enemy behind closed doors. The Washington Post reports that Manning was found not guilty of aiding the enemy, … Read more