Coronavirus Case Data Illustrates Heteroskedasticity

Coronavirus statistical case data is an ideal illustration of the concept of statistical heteroskedasticity. Test coverage and data quality has increased over time. The reliability of data is increasing over time and measurement error variation is decreasing. Measurement error was originally high due to differing policy, testing, and reporting implementations by state and at the … Read more

Economic Eating

AfterEcon is all about what to after having studied economics. That is, it is all about applying economics (distinct from the study of Applied Economics). This article reviews some recent dietary changes I’ve made through that lens. When I was younger, enrolled at ACC, and working at WalMart, my diet consisted of oatmeal for breakfast … Read more

Issues in Modern Microeconomics

This is the longer form of a term paper turned in as part of Wagner’s Theory of the Market Process II, Spring 2017. The more concise version, which was actually turned in, is available for download here. Introduction This paper argues that modern microeconomics would benefit from the incorporation of ethnography into the skillset of … Read more

Two Dispositions in Economic Analysis

This article makes what I consider to be the obvious argument for what economists should do. As all people should, economists should do what is good. Peculiar to economists is the tool set of economic analysis. I propose that a good economist makes use of the analytical tools of economics to achieve good things. I … Read more