A Dissertation Update

I have been working on a PhD at George Mason University since Fall 2015. This article summarizes current progress. I began working on the dissertation in 2018. GMU has a useful progress tracking tool here. The deadline to advance to candidacy is 6 years, so I’m pushing that. To graduate has a deadline of 9 … Read more A Dissertation Update

Preparing to Submit an Economic History Paper

I’m now drafting an economic history paper, so in this article I will publicly repeat the process of finding 5-10 suitable journals and some model papers, but in this case with respect to economic history papers. I recently had a paper rejected from Applied Economics, rank 126 as of the prior article, now rank 124. … Read more Preparing to Submit an Economic History Paper

Ologit is a Thing

I recently published a 44 page working paper to SSRN. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear a couple comments so far, and I hope they keep coming in. One friend noticed that I didn’t try an ordered logistic regression. I responded that my left-hand variable was not binary and this friend responded in more polite … Read more Ologit is a Thing

Alternative Paths to Traditional Education

I’ve written quite a bit on the economics of education. My focus has been on alternative credentials. This article distinguishes a concept called an alternative path and describes the importance of that concept. Outline: Definitions Big Picture Theoretical Context Applied Macroeconomic Context Applied Microeconomic Context Concrete Examples Bottleneck Diagnosis I. Defining Alternative Credentials, Paths, and Pedagogies … Read more Alternative Paths to Traditional Education

7 Reasons Degreed and Enterprise Need Academic Validation

I recently wrote about 3 interesting research questions which could leverage Degreed data. These questions are interesting from an academic perspective, but why should Degreed care? This article explains benefits which would accrue to Degreed and its enterprise users upon the publishing of an academic article (a peer-reviewed paper or a dissertation) addressing the aforementioned … Read more 7 Reasons Degreed and Enterprise Need Academic Validation