Sexual Military Reform a Problem

This article highlights the fact that reports of military sexual assault have dramatically increased recently and identifies potential reasons for this. Bryan Fischer, the radio show host of Focal Point with Bryan Fischer on American Family Radio, pointed out via social media today that a prediction he made has become true: I read the linked … Read more

Easy Activism

This article will cover 3 easy methods of activism. They can be used for political purposes, marketing, teaching and anything else that involves calling people to action. The 3 methods are online activism, activism through guest calling radio shows and conversation tips for personal conversations, which is sometimes called “canvassing.” Online Activism Tom Woods is … Read more

The Moral Motivation for Atheism

Frank Turek and Mark Mittelberg are a couple top-level apologists. Frank has a great radio show called “Cross Examined.” Unfortunately it’s only weekly. It airs every Saturday morning on AFR Talk. Mark wrote a book called “The Reason Why.” I’m not pushing the book although it’s pretty good. Frank had him on the showed and … Read more